This is our first real game. It's an old school dungeon crawler, totally ordinary with nothing especially different about it... You must fully complete the game...


WASD/Arrow Keys for movement (+LeftShift for strafing)

Space (or mouse click) to interact

If you're using WebGL to play, set it to fullscreen. You can use the itch enlarger (4 arrows) or the Unity one (blue, 2 arrows). The former will retain the size. The latter will make the game "true fullscreen". These buttons are almost on top of each other.

Tools and equipment used:


Various analog synthesizers

Yeti Microphone


All assets were created for the jam, as required by the rules.


(ALERT!) Hints and spoilers (ALERT!):

Level 0: Enjoy the scenery and go inside.

Level 1: Skeletons hate holy water.

Level 2: The location of the final switch is truly graaate.

Level 3: Mine, mine, mine, mine.

Level 4: Not all doors and walls are solid! 5x5 door grid.

That's all! Good luck... comrade.

Install instructions

Linux - "chmod 777" the executable


Download 21 MB
DishonestDungeonLinux_64.7z 17 MB

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